Hall of Fame

The National Industrial Fastener Expo ‘Hall of Fame’ was established in 1982 to recognize and honor those individuals who have made significant contributions to the betterment of the fastener industry. Individuals are not selected based solely upon their personal achievements, tenure, or the financial success of their respective businesses but, rather, what they did to further the industry as a whole.

In 1998, a ‘Hall of Fame Garden’ was created outside the entrance to the North Hall of the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio USA, to honor those persons elected to this prestigious group. The bricks in the garden walkway are engraved with the names of the honorees and year inducted. Inductees also receive a handsome plaque presented at a major fastener industry gathering. The most recent inductees were inducted in 2008.

Nominations for ‘Hall of Fame’ candidates should be submitted to the National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo, 34 North High Street, New Albany, OH 43054-8507 USA or emailed to info@fastenershows.com for consideration by the Selection Committee comprised of past honorees. All nominations should contain as much information regarding the nominee’s qualifications for ‘Hall of Fame’ membership.

Following is a list of past ‘Hall of Fame’ Members:

Year Full Name Company
1982 Richard B. Belford Industrial Fasteners   Institute
1982 Walter F. Borges Wrought Washer Mfg.,   Inc.
1982 George S. Case, Jr. Lamson & Sessions   Co.
1982 H. Thomas Hallowell,   Jr. SPS Technologies
1982 James G. Rayburn Flexalloy, Inc.
1982 Norman R. Sackheim Former Partner in SL   Screw Corp. Founder of Heads & Threads, Inc.
1982 Roy P.   Trowbridge Engineering Standards   Section General Motors Corp.
1983 Asta Ball Miniature Nut &   Screw Corp.
1983 Abe Bellikoff Atlas Screw &   Specialty Co.
1983 Paul Lemke, Sr. Thruway Fasteners,   Inc.
1983 John Maclean Maclean Fogg Co.
1983 Robert O. McGuire Capitol Sales, Inc.
1983 Charles Wilson Industrial Fasteners   Institute
1984 Irwin Goldhart Automotive Hardware   Ltd.
1984 Michael Herling Infasco Div. Of   Ivaco, Inc.
1984 A. Craig Hood ACH Technologies
1984 Fritz Jensen Southern Screw
1984 Edger C. Seitz, Jr. Service Supply Co.
1984 John C. Wasmer, Sr. Lake Erie Screw Corp.
1985 Bernard Golden Carter, Milchman   & Frank & Star Stainless Screw
1985 Howard Griffith Flexalloy, Inc.
1985 Kenneth A. Honroth Kendale Industries   Inc.
1985 Rocco Sacco Radax Industries
1986 Don Broehm Mid-State Bolt &   Nut Co.
1986 Bernie Feldman Industrial Fasteners,   Inc.
1986 Douglas V. Miller Bamal Fastener Corp.
1986 J. Bud Porteous Porteous Fastener Co.
1986 Paul Tyson Tampa, FL
1986 Bill Ziegler Industrial Fasteners,   Inc.
1987 Stanley C. Adamek Pheoll Mfg. Co.
1987 Dale Holl Darling Bolt Co.
1987 John J. Lohrman RB&W Corporation
1987 Dick Rech Reynolds Fasteners,   Inc.
1987 Perry Rosenstein Brighton-Best Socket   Screw Mfg.
1987 Paul Zehnder Earnest Machine   Products
1988 Bill Gassaway Tennessee Bolt &   Screw Co.
1988 John F.   “Jack” Sullivan Accurate Fastener   Inc.
1988 Luke Sullivan Sullivan Bolt Co.,   Inc.
1988 George F. Wasmer Lake Erie Screw Corp.
1989 Harold C. Benson Consolidated Bolt   & Nut Co.
1989 Harry Branson Threaded Rod Company
1989 Bernie Jonas General Fasteners
1989 Jim Layden Porteous Fastener Co.
1990 Moses E. Cordova Cordova Bolt, Inc.
1990 Richard W. Kerr Ker Lakeside, Inc.
1990 Joseph Kuchar American Fastener   Corporation
1990 David Tuttle Spencer Products   Company
1991 Jack Fatica Champion Bolt
1991 Joseph Hoyt Hoyt Fastener Corp
1991 Mary Ann Langholz National Fastener   Distributors Association
1991 Larry Stanley Empire Bolt
1992 John Allen Wrought Washer Mfg.,   Inc.
1992 John L. Eames Soc-Pro, Inc.
1992 Joe Greenslade Greenslade & Co.
1992 Jack A. Trilling Trilling Technical   Services
1993 Richard J. Callahan Fastener Industry   News
1993 Edith Cameron Allmetal Products Co.
1993 William   “Bill” M. Dickson, Sr. Texas Bolt Co
1993 Edward E. Ferry Loesch Associates,   Inc.
1994 Bob Lehman Pacific Warehouse   Sales
1994 Michael McGuire American Fastener   Journal
1994 Alfred   “Alf” Prout Specialty Fasteners,   Ltd.
1995 J. Joseph Fuller Hunter-Stevens   Company
1995 James Revercomb Sr. Rev Car Fasteners,   Inc.
1995 James Schiele St. Louis Screw &   Bolt Co.
1996 Dan McIlhon Iowa Industrial   Products, Inc.
1996 Michael Turnbull Purchased Parts Group
1996 James Zehnder Earnest Machine   Products
1996 John Zehnder Earnest Machine   Products
1997 Bobby Barnhill Barnhill Bolt Co.,   Inc.
1997 Jim Barnhill Barnhill Bolt Co.,   Inc.
1997 Martin Calfee Copper State Bolt   & Nut
1997 Mary McClure Capitol Bolt &   Supply Co.
1998 Lee Bookman Heads & Threads   Company
1998 Max F. Dorflinger Nylok Fastener Corp.
1998 Frederic B. Powers,   Jr. Powers Fastening Inc.
1999 Winston L. Adams Adams Nut & Bolt   Co.
1999 David Johns Mid-West Fabricating   Co
1999 H.M. “Bus” Young, Jr. Western Wire Products   Co.
2000 Bob Endries Endries Fastener   & Supply
2000 Mel Kirsner Pell Mell Supply
2000 Barry Porteous Porteous Fastener Co.
2001 Thomas S. Doppke Technical   Presentations Co.
2001 Richard A. Malson Ramco Specialties,   Inc.
2001 Ron Sackheim XL Screw Corporation
2002 Wayne Golden Star Stainless Screw   Co.
2002 Edward A. Kaufman Hardware Specialty   Co.
2004 Jerry Hancock Mega Metric
2004 Patrick O’Toole Atlantic Fasteners
2006 Bruce Darling Porteous Fastener Co.
2006 Ed Werner E Z Sockets Inc
2007 Barry McLean Maclean Fogg Co.
2007 Marty Schneider Continental-Aero
2008 Steve Binder Binder Metal Products
2008 William Liao Fastener World   Magazine